The way to get children involved in sport and enjoying it for the rest of their lives is to introduce them to it while they're young and make it fun for them. That's where Little Sports Coaching comes in. Physical exercise is the best defence against the growing risk of obesity among children and if you make it fun you will get them away from the PlayStation or XBox. From the age of about three years they can start to take part in competitive games.

We at Little Sports Coaching organise and run junior football training in the Greater Manchester area and all over the North West. So if you are looking for toddler football in Sale, we are the ones to go to. We have junior football sessions which cater for children from the ages of three to five. Our courses introduce children to football with sessions which are competitive and, more importantly, fun. Children don't only learn about football. The game helps with other key areas of a child's development. The coaching helps improve communication, balance, co-ordination and important social skills too.

There is a lot of fun in the kid's football sessions mixed with expert tuition. We have fun warm-ups, games and they end with small-sided football matches. Every child feels fully involved in the activities. The courses are held in blocks throughout the year. Little Sports Coaching are dedicated to providing a high standard of sports coaching and other activities for children of all abilities in a safe and enjoyable environment.