The growing threat to children's health today is obesity, so getting children outside and having fun through physical activity is vital. They might be safe on the PlayStation, but they're not getting any exercise. That's where Little Sports Coaching comes in. They run sports and activity courses which are ideally suited for busy parents wanting various activities for their children in the holidays.

If you are looking for football camps Manchester is a good place to start. Little Sports Coaching run activities throughout the North West, including Cheshire, Stockport and Didsbury. The company provides professional sports coaching intended to give children attending their programmes a positive experience. All the children are included, no-one is left out. The sports camps give children new knowledge and skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

At Didsbury Little Sports Coaching provides their Rhythmix, mini soccer and Olympians courses. Children can attend for a day or a full five-day week. They run regular courses during the school holidays. Rhythmix is the cheerleading, dance and gymnastics programme. It improves fitness, boost agility, strength, balance and co-ordination. The dance classes help raise creativity, confidence and self-expression. The course has a wide-reaching effect in many areas of children's lives.

Mini Soccer concentrates on involving all the children in the game. It's a smaller version of football. The pitches are smaller and there are fewer players. The sessions start and finish with matches. They're fun-filled and every child gets involved. Each child has their own ball for most of the session. The two-hour coaching sessions concentrate on dribbling, shooting and passing. A school holiday soccer camp is ideal as all the children have fun and develop at their own speed.

The Olympians course features different sports for children including tennis, football, basketball, gymnastics, tag-rugby, hockey, athletics and more. Each sport is tailored to the age group and there is a tournament at the end.