Adam Casey is the most recent addition to the apprentice team, he started LSC in November 2017. His journey proves there are no barriers if you’ve got the enthusiasm and initiative to create an opportunity for yourself, whilst showing how accessible and wide ranging apprenticeships are.

What inspired you to go into coaching?

“It’s my dream job.  As a former St. Richard’s Primary School pupil, Adam has always loved sport “I knew I would either play football or become a coach.”

What’s a typical day like for you?

“When I come into to work, I check in and check out sports equipment and coach at a couple of primary schools, and I make sure all the children are safe during lunchtime.

“This role is definitely fun and it’s great to see children having fun and nice to see everyone gets involved in the activities we do. I really enjoy working with people and making improvements.“



How would you describe your experience here so far?

“If I could describe my experience here in one word it would be fun. I’ve learnt so many different things, for example about safety, and how to engage with children who may not always want to take part; I always try to get them involved and it feels great when they join in.”


What attracted you to an Apprenticeship?

“I was on the bus, one day, I saw a Little Sports Coaching coach in coaching uniform. I then looked up the company on the internet to find out more about them. I then applied to do one their apprenticeship programmes.”


Adam has a great attitude towards the road ahead.


“I didn’t have the qualifications that I’d need to become sports coach, but now I am working towards the qualification I need and I’m really enjoying what I do.”

“It’s one big family here a Little Sport Coaching and everyone here is helpful. There’s not one bad thing about working here.”