Shauna joined the coaching staff at LSC as an apprentice in September, working in the Greater Manchester area, and has always enjoyed sport. “When I was younger I used to play lots of different sports, such as netball, football and I enjoyed cross country too. I also did some related work experience previously which got me interested in coaching, as I love working with children. Also I don’t like to just sit around, I like to try new things, so this role is ideal.”

“I knew I wanted to do Sport Coaching and I was already aware of Little Sports Coaching, so when the opportunity appeared on the company’s Facebook page I wanted to give it a go! As I said I like to be active, I like to challenge myself a bit! The apprenticeship is ideal for me as I learn better by being “hands-on” rather than it just being given it to learn from a book.”


What’s attractive about the Apprenticeship at LSC?

What’s really attractive about the job is that I don’t have a typical day, every day is varied. I have several different schools to coach at during the day and after school. I’ve learnt so much so far, about coaching football, hockey, handball and loads of other sports and I am looking forward to the summer weather when I can take up additional sports like tennis. I love the Tots FC classes which are for toddlers aged from 18 months to 5 years – I can make sure that they have a good time - it’s relaxed, and I can be myself.”


Shauna is keen to encourage other females to coach and to take part in sport too.


“I’ve encouraged a girls-only football activity, hand ball and hockey in one school I work in. It’s really important to me that everyone gets a fair chance. It’s great to see all the children enjoying my coaching sessions.”



What do you hope to achieve in the future?

“I’d like to learn more about coaching and widen my knowledge. In the future I may like to work with older age groups and do activities with them, so they can be active too. Already I know my knowledge of coaching has improved, and my confidence has definitely improved as I have to speak to so many different types of people: young people, teachers, parents, managers and other coaches.”


What’s your advice about doing an apprenticeship?

“Do it! I love coming to work everyone’s nice and the coaches are lovely to work with. You’re not treated any differently to anyone else because you’re young, you’re treated like an adult.”

How would describe your experience in just one word?

“Fun –  because I enjoy this so much!”