Little Sports Coaching operates Rhythmix street dancing courses at the Didsbury Sports Centre, Winslow Rd, M20 2RR. Ryhtmix is interactive dance sessions available to both boys and girls. There are 3 Rhythmix programs to choose from, with interactive street dance, cheerleading and gymnastic classes all designed to improve your child's coordination, agility, balance, posture and self-confidence. The classes also boost fitness levels and help strengthen the body.

These street dance classes in Didsbury are taught by extremely professional and competent coaches that are specially selected for their ability to help your child develop to their full potential. These coaches are also mentors to children from a variety of different backgrounds and are positive role models for all ages.

Didsbury Sports Centre offers a variety of kids programs that all work towards developing a number of vital skills for children. Street dance classes in Didsbury teach far more than just dance moves, they also help build a child's confidence, improve their interpersonal skills and help them discover their creative and expressive side through movement. These life skills are a foundation for their growing years and have been formulated by a specially developed Rhythmix syllabus.

The benefits of Rhythmix can last a lifetime and the syllabus is designed to help children develop abilities by setting goals, working together in a team and by being committed and determined to practise and get moves right. Street dancing courses in Manchester are all about learning how to work together to create something and to push the limits of the body and the mind to achieve a result. By stretching their limits, children will develop a new found respect for their bodies and build up confidence in their abilities whilst fulfilling their full potential.
Sessions are focused on developing specific skills and certificates and trophies are awarded for achievements. Children will perform and compete regularly and become used to showing off their new skills with confidence. All 3 Rhythmix styles are on offer at the Didsbury Sports Centre.