Little Sports Coaching operates street dance classes in Reddish that are held at the Life Leisure in Houldsworth Village. This is just off the A6 so easy to reach by car and very close to the centre of Reddish, making it ideal for those travelling by public transport.

Learning to street dance is a great children's activity. Fast and fun, it is excellent exercise but feels more like play than work. It's energetic and energising, impossible for a child to take part without a smile on their face. Street dancing increases levels of fitness and children will improve their balance and coordination. Body strength, agility and flexibility will all be developed.

Children will be part of a group learning to perform this exciting style of dance to impress and delight their audiences. They will learn confidence and self-respect which will pass into other areas of their lives. Rhythmix street dancing courses teach children specific dance skills and also prepare children for achieving certificates and trophies as well as performances including in competitions. To learn street dancing, children will need to be focussed and learn determination and commitment which will be great attributes for later in life.

If street dancing is for the children in your life, then look to Little Sports Coaching Rhythmix street dancing sessions n Stockport. Give them the opportunity to learn this exciting form of dance and see them blossom. Their bodies will benefit from this fast physical exercise, they will grow in confidence and self-assurance and while they are learning, they will have a great time.