We can provide professional learning opportunities for teachers, non-teaching staff, volunteers and coaches working in and with your school. 

Here at Little Sports Coaching, we can offer coaches, volunteers, teachers and non-teaching staff the opportunity to undertake professional development. Continuous Professional Development (CPD), or professional learning, includes a range of activities, including co-coaching, mentoring and training courses.

Primary PE and Sport Premium remains a high priority for the government and other national partners. They want to see the programmes and funding utilised to improve the confidence, knowledge and skills of both volunteers and teaching staff within schools. This not only has a beneficial effect on pupils and staff, but also on the long-term impact of the effectiveness of learning and teaching.

Gaining qualifications in coaching and other skills enables organisations to recognise where coaches are ‘fit for purpose’. Having skills defined by a professional governing body offers reassurance that coaches are trained to teach in specific areas, disciplines and environments to a recognised standard.

Little Sports Coaching runs a number of PE CPD programmes, using an individualised approach to meet the needs of each organisation.

Each programme includes:

•    Content: A specific learning curriculum and topic outline.
•    A Programme of Learning: A manageable timeline for learning and assessment, individually tailored to the needs and expectations of the organisations and individuals involved.
•    Coaching-Education Team: programmes are managed and delivered by coaches, assessors, verifiers and teachers.
•    Resources: Learning, assessment and teaching materials.
•    A Method of Quality Assurance: A schedule of monitoring and evaluation of the way in which the course is delivered.

By undertaking PE teacher training courses, volunteers, teachers and non-teaching staff in schools can access a greater level of understanding of the importance of physical activity for children. What's more, continued professional development with sports coaches enables them to learn how to motivate students to become involved, to learn various disciplines to a high standard and to live healthier, more active and more satisfying lifestyles. For schools, ensuring teachers and other volunteers are qualified to carry out their roles benefits the whole organisational structure.

"The best provision we have ever purchsed"
R.B. Mason – Headteacher, St Patrick’s RC Primary, Manchester