Rhythmix believes Dance is for everyone and when given the opportunity to experience the benefits, the impact can last a lifetime!!

Our Rhythmix school clubs includes different types of dance such as ballet, cheerleading and street as well a gymnastic option too. 



Every session focuses on developing specific skills and progress is rewarded through achieving certificates and trophies as well as having the opportunity to perform and compete in a competitive environment. There is also a strong focus on performance, so your child will be able to show off their new skills and further boost their confidence.

Key Facts:

  • Children come straight from class (if after school or lunchtime)
  • Coaches will be responsible for the children from the end of school until parent/guardian collects
  • 1, 1.5 or 2 hour sessions (dependant on school)
  • Split into age/ability groups
  • Dancer/Gymnast of the week awards
  • All sessions led by fully qualified coaches
  • Age appropriate equipment
  • Children work within our specifically designed curriculum

There are many extracurricular activities that children can enjoy after school, and sports clubs are a great choice. Rythmix dance and gymnastics clubs offer your child the chance to have fun, make new friends, learn something new and get active. By participating in one of our after school clubs, children can develop new skills and greater self-confidence while having fun with dance and gymnastics.

Rythmix after school clubs include dance-related activities such as ballet, cheerleading, street dance and gymnastics, letting children develop their skills at their own pace. Each session is aimed at developing a specific skill set, and children can work towards certificates and trophies to measure their progress. Children can enjoy performing their new skills in a competitive environment at an out of school gymnastics club that is friendly and supportive. There are even awards for Dancer and Gymnast of the Week.

Classes are run by fully qualified coaches using equipment suited to the children's age and ability to ensure the optimum development of children's skills at a pace comfortable for them.

The Rythmix after school dance clubs are flexible and perfectly suited to busy family lifestyles. Children can come to the after school dance clubs straight from school or during lunch time for a 1, 1.5 or 2 hour session, depending on the school. The coaches supervise children from the end of school until parents come to pick them up, providing peace of mind that children are safe and convenience for the parents' schedule.

Rythmix after school dance clubs help children develop new skills and reach set goals while providing teamwork skills, determination and confidence in their own ability.