Little Sports Coaching can provide extended schools cover from 8am to 6pm

Extra-curricular clubs delivered by professionals are a great way to enhance a child's learning potential before and after school in a supportive, fun and secure environment.

At Little Sports Coaching, we can provide a wide range of before and after school sports activities as extra-curricular clubs for your school's children.

Our extended schools cover from 8am to 6pm, and our huge range of sports and activities on offer means that we can cover all of your needs for before school clubs and after school clubs.

Research has shown that children who take part in a carefully devised before and after school sports activities programme led by professionals can thrive in many aspects of their learning and development.

As well as achieving greater levels of fitness and health, our comprehensive programme of sports and activities can improve self-confidence, teamwork and good behaviour. Social skills are enhanced during our before school clubs and after school clubs, where children have the opportunity to experience new activities whilst forming friendships with other children.

Children who take part in extra-curricular sporting activities in before school clubs are also thought to have much better concentration levels throughout the school day, and are more likely to stay alert, focused and energised.

We believe that our programme of extra-curricular activities also provides huge benefits to the school in general. Having one professional team delivering the activities can be cost-effective and easier to manage. Our programmes also fit in with your school's values and ethos, helping to promote healthy children and support learning and development. Parents can also be rest assured that their child is continuing to learn in a safe and secure environment before and after core school hours.

Whether your school is looking for extra-curricular clubs offering football, gymnastics, dance or a more specific type of sport, at Little Sports Coaching we can provide a professional, fun, educational and supportive approach to cover your needs.

Our clubs can be offered with absolutely no cost to the school and we even take care of all the admin involved!!

We can advise you along the way but choosing your clubs is easy...

Step 1 – Choose the activity

  • Any individual sport – you name we can do it
  • Olympians – A mix of sports, usually two per session, children learn a good range of skills over the half term
  • Gymnastics
  • Ballet
  • Street Dance
  • Cheerleading

Step 2 – Choose a day

As you will be aware, schools generally have activities on most evenings after school so finding the right night is key, try to make sure it doesn’t clash with other clubs or similar clubs. Some  schools only use us 1 or 2 nights a weeks, other however ask us to offer clubs every morning, lunchtime and after school.

Step 3 – Choose the time and duration

Our clubs can run for either 1, 1.5 or 2 hours at a time and can run before school, at lunchtime of after school.

Parents tend to use our clubs for a variety of reasons, for some its good active and healthy fun, other wish to improve their child’s skills in a specific or variety of sports, others need the child care. For the majority however it’s most probably a bit of each. For this reason it is important to offer a variety of course lengths to ensure you are offering your parents the service they require.

"I felt that i had to tell you about Jake!! Last night i watched Jake lead the parent and child football session, it was indoors due to the rain. He was fantastic!!! His enthusiasm shone through and he really kept the children active throughout the session. The children clearly loved the activities. He was encouraging and instilled a real sense of fun into everything he did. Its not easy keeping such young children engaged. Jake showed skill and motivation – I am impressed" 
S A Penny – Head Teacher, Ladybrook Primary, Bramhall