We can offer coaches for lunchtime sports & activities at your school.

Lunchtimes are the perfect opportunity for children to get active, whether they are playing sports or organised games. We all know that kids love to run around, but sometimes it can be a small group of children that will dominate the playground space, leaving the rest standing around on the edges. If you think that perhaps all your pupils might not be getting the most out of their lunchtimes, or you feel they would all benefit from learning some great new inclusive games to play, we can help.

How much we help is up to you, but here are some of the great services we offer. We can plan and run lunchtime sports activities for you, working with your lunchtime organisers so that they can run the activities for themselves at a later date. We can teach your lunchtime organisers new games to play with the children. We specialise in providing sporting activities for particular groups of children, such as those with challenging behavioural problems, and we will introduce rewards for good behaviour and regular attendance. We can recommend new lunchtime play and sports equipment which is appropriate to your school’s needs. We will train your year six pupils as lunchtime sports leaders and provide sports activities for the whole school to do together if you require it or for particular year groups. We also offer one-to-one intervention programmes for children with special educational or behavioural needs.

Through our lunchtime activity programmes and lunchtime clubs, your pupils will improve their overall fitness and also learn some valuable skills. They will improve their coordination, balance, flexibility and agility. They’ll gain valuable experience in communicating effectively and appropriately with other children as well as adults, following rules, showing respect for others and building their own self-esteem.

Contact us here at Little Sports Coaching to see how we can help your pupils to get the most out of their lunchtimes with our organised lunchtime sports activities.

  • Plan for new playground activities, then running new playground activities but letting the LTO’s take over.
  • Training LTO’S for lunchtime games etc.
  • Providing various sporting activities for a specific group. E.g. challenging children, rewarding children for behavior, attendance etc.
  • Helping with the orders of new, suitable lunchtime equipment
  • Training new lunchtime sports leaders (year 6 pupils)
  • Providing sports activities to the whole school
  • One to One intervention
"Lunchtime has been enhanced by the provision and year 5 and 6 have certainly benefited from excellent PE sessions this year"
D Brereton – Teacher, St Ambrose RC Primary, Manchester