Our Mini Soccer clubs are a perfect introduction for a new player but also a great place for young players wanting to hone their skills in a fun, non-pressured environment.



Key Facts:

  • Children come straight from class (if after school or lunchtime)
  • Coaches will be responsible for the children from the end of school until parent/guardian collects
  • 1, 1.5 or 2 hour sessions (dependant on school)
  • Split into age/ability groups
  • Start and end with small sided matches
  • Ball each for the majority of the session
  • Player of the week awards
  • All sessions led by FA qualified coaches
  • Age appropriate equipment provided
  • Coaches follow our specifically designed curriculum 

Mini Soccer is a scaled down version of association football, smaller pitches and fewer players...

Why small sided?

A very simple answer...small sided games mean more football and more involvement in the game. It maximises involvement in real football situations. More goals, shots, saves, passes, dribbles, tricks and tackles. PLAY football to learn football! Easy for coaches to observe where players are in their development All players attack and defend in a game rather than being stuck in one position More freedom to explore the game MORE FUN!

Finding wrap-around care for your child can be difficult when both parents work, as many schools are unable to provide this service for their students. Also, it is useful if that wrap-around care offers your child some kind of development or tuition rather than just being time to complete homework or play video games.

It is with this in mind that we offer a range of after school football clubs, during which children are coached by FA-qualified coaches. Because we collect your child directly from school and offer clubs of different lengths with our Mini Soccer clubs, you no longer need to arrange for childcare between the end of school and the beginning of practice, or change the arrangements of your day to get to school in order to pick up your children when work commitments may not allow for this. In fact, you can rest assured that our coaches will supervise children directly from school to the end of their training session.

In addition to the coaching from FA coaches, our out of school football club allows children to develop as performers on the pitch by specialising in football played on smaller pitches rather than using full-sized pitches. Small-sided games promote skills, giving players more involvement in the game and by their very nature cutting out the old-school tactic of kicking the ball to the big lad up front. Children can also be rewarded with Player of the Week awards if they have worked very well in their sessions.