The Rhythmix syllabus has been designed to teach the basic skills of dance and gymnastics whilst developing other vital personal qualities.

Little Sports Coaching provides an enabling environment in which children’s learning is supported and extended by underpinning their Early Learning Journey.  This is achieved through delivery of unique thematic sessions which support the Early Years and Foundation stage curriculum.

Our coaches will visit your setting to deliver the sessions and provide all equipment and planning which can be used for reporting and evidence.

Children will be encouraged to explore their ability to move and dance which will inturn improve balance, agility, rhythm and co-ordintation




HOW THIS IS COVERED BY our Programmes?

Physical Development

  • Movement and Space
  • Health & Bodily Awareness
  • Using Equipment and Materials
  • Warm ups and main games, bending, stretching, balancing etc.
  • Bring water to drink.  Circle time after warm up, talking about keeping healthy and feeling our heartbeat.
  • All games use a variety of equipment

Personal & Social Development





  • Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Making Relationships
  • Behavior and Self Control
  • Sense of Community
  • Through reassurance, reward and praise
  • Making new friends and meeting coach.
  • Following boundaries set out by coach.
  • Targeted sessions re. People who help.

Creative Development

  • Developing imagination and imaginative play
  • Equipment is used to depict people, places, objects etc and require imagination for the session to succeed.

Communication, Language and Literacy

  • Language for communication
  • Language for thinking
  • Talking to the children and building on listening skills
  • Circle time, ask questions and ask children to think and give responses.

Problem Solving, reasoning and numeracy

  • Numbers and counting
  • Shape space and measure
  • Counting out equipment, number of times around etc.
  • Use shape to define areas, circles (hoops). Marker cones used to create any shape from hearts to pirate ships.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

  • Exploration and investigation
  • Children explore and investigate themes using imagination and by information from coaches.  (Examples, Life Cycle of a Caterpillar, People etc.)


"All the children and staff look forward to the Little Sports Sessions. Our excellent coach adjusts the sessions according to the childre n we bring him each week. We have some very young children and the coach helps them to follow  instrucions and supports the development of their listnening skills as well as their physical needs. He has a great relationship with both children and staff. Thank You for all your hard work"
J.O'Raw - Lark Hill Nursery School, Stockport