Little Sports Coaching works with hundreds of schools across the country

Working with a large number of schools across the country, Little Sports Coaching provides qualified coaches to deliver a range of structured curriculum activities. Sports programmes include net-wall games, athletics , invasion games, striking & fielding games, dance and gymnastics.

We are able to offer year-round support, based upon the individual requirements of each school. All Physical Education lessons are designed according to specific learning outcomes and adhere to the national curriculum, covering all areas of sporting activity.

As well as providing detailed lesson plans to schools, our coaches are also able to carry out individual child assessments. These can be used as part of school reports and to provide valuable feedback to care givers. Each lesson is delivered to the highest standards in accordance with the ethos and values of the school.

Many schools struggle to provide class teachers with the recommended ten percent off teaching time to allow them to prepare for lessons and assessments. Little Sports Coaching offers schools a fantastic opportunity to ensure teachers have adequate PPA time each week, while pupils benefit from a Physical Education programme of enrichment.

Sport can offer a variety of well-known benefits. Research suggests that well-managed sporting activities within the school setting can be a significant factor in improving schools and enhancing the general well-being of students.

In addition, sport has been shown to unite individuals and groups of people in a way few other activities can. It offers a universal language, crossing barriers like nothing else.

What better way to educate children than through sport? It provides togetherness, team spirit, discipline and a great sense of achievement.

Little Sports Coaching is a child-centred professional organisation that can provide PE sports coaches for PPA cover across the UK. Contact us now for more information.


"St Mary’s RC School are delighted with the work delivered by everyone at Litlle Sports Coaching. Clear expectations have been established and are always followed. The children enjoy all aspects of coaching delivered as do the parents who use the afterschool coaching opportunities. Thanks Craig and the Team" C M Cunliffe – Head Teacher, St Mary’s RC Primary, Stockport