Multi sports competitions organised and ran by Little Sports Coaching for our schools and their partners.

Next up... Rounders Competition 12th July 2018!



Schools Competitions for your school

Little Sports Coaching have devised an exciting programme of competitive activities for pupils within your school. Throughout the school year, schools will compete against one another in a variety of sports. 


LSC Schools Competition Roll of Honour!

November 2014 Football                 Cadishead Primary School
March 2015 Netball                  Pownall Green Primary School
November 2015 Football   Didsbury CoE
March 2016    Netball  Stamford Park Juniors
July 2016    Rounders    Stamford Park Juniors
October 2016   BMX  St Catherine’s Primary School
November 2016 Football Greenbank Preparatory
February 2017 Badminton Greenbank Preparatory
March 2017 Netball Stamford Park Juniors
May 2017 Cricket Stamford Park Juniors
October 2017 Football St Catherine’s Primary School
November 2017 Badminton Cheetwood CP
February 2018 BMX Greenbank Preparatory & Crab Lane CP
March 2018 Netball St Paul's CofE Primary
May 2018 Cricket Greenbank Preparatory


Competitions during 2017-18 (dates are subject to change, updates will be posted below and will be included on each invite)

For the forthcoming academic year, we are continuing to run a competition each half term:

Half Term 1 Football                  Tues 10th Oct 2017, 1-4 Armitage Centre, Fallowfield 
Half Term 2   Badminton  Tues 21st Nov 2017, 4-6 Energy Box, Levenshulme
Half Term 3 BMX Wed 7th Feb 2018, 1-3 National Cycling Centre, Clayton
Half Term 4 Netball  Thur 22nd Mar 2018 3-5 Armitage Centre, Fallowfield
Half Term 5 Cricket  Thur 24th May 2018, 1-6 Whalley Range Cricket Club
Half Term 6 Rounders Thur 12th July 2018, 1-6 Whalley Range Cricket Club


All partner schools are able to enter these competitions for free and we hope that you all embrace this opportunity as we envisage that the Little Sports Coaching – Primary School Competition will only grow throughout the coming years. We have excellent experience of organising and running festivals, competitions and tournaments and we will guarantee that your pupils will have a wonderful sporting experience with us.

In addition to your school entering, we are allowing schools to invite a partner school to join the competition, who are not currently receiving provision from Little Sports Coaching. This is at the discretion of every primary school entering the competition.

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If you have any questions about any of our Schools Competitions, or require any further sport specific coaching then please do not hesitate to contact the Events Co-ordinator, Jon Green,