3 to 12 Years old (split into ability groups)

The Rhythmix Gymnastics syllabus has been designed to teach the basic skills of gymnastics whilst developing other vital personal qualities, including building confidence, self-esteem, social interaction and friendship, communication, creativity and expression. Improved balance, agility and co-ordintation are just some of what can be expected.

Children's gymnastics has gained huge popularity in recent times, with more and more youngsters choosing to take part in kid's gymnastics classes as an after-school or weekend activity. Not only is gymnastics incredibly fun and beneficial to a child's health, but it can allow your child to learn and develop an impressive range of skills.

Our Rhythmix Gymnastics scheme is the perfect choice of weekly children's gymnastics classes for 3 to 12 year olds. At Little Sports Coaching, all of our dedicated Rhythmix Coaches are hand-picked and fully trained, to provide the essential gymnastics skills for your child, while using tried-and-trusted techniques to bolster motivation and enthusiasm. Our coaches will prove to be positive role models for your child, offering encouragement and support, no matter what age or ability, in a safe, secure and fun environment.

It can be hard choosing child's acrobatics courses, especially for the first time, but one of the stand-out features of our Rhythmix Gymnastics scheme is that we only work within small groups. We believe that small groups can help to increase a child's confidence, while offering a more personal approach.

One of the other primary features we promote is the fact that our courses are not just about learning gymnastics skills. We believe that the Rhythmix Gymnastics philosophy should extend far beyond that, so that children develop a huge range of skills useful in everyday life. Our sessions can help to encourage social interaction, team work and new friendships, while boosting self-esteem, confidence and the ability to think creatively. Since we work towards setting goals, this can help to focus a child, while improving concentration skills, commitment and determination. Having something to strive towards can provide a child with a great sense of achievement, and kids gymnastics classes are the perfect vehicle to facilitate this, whether it is working towards a certificate or the live performance every half term.

Ultimately, Rhythmix Gymnastics is great exercise for your child. It is healthy for the mind and body, and can improve balance, co-ordination and agility, in a fun way that your child will thoroughly enjoy.


Key Facts:

  • Fully qualified coaches lead every session
  • Small groups
  • 40-60 minute sessions
  • Weekly classes
  • Live performance each half term

Our Rhythmix Coaches have been hand-picked and specially trained to be positive role models and mentors, support and encourage, motivate and inspire, whilst providing a fun, safe atmosphere for your children to learn and thrive in. 

Each session will introduce and progress skills, working towards a specific goal, examples of this are certificates, medals/trophies, performance, and competition. Working in this way helps to develop focus, goal setting, determination, commitment and team work, ultimately providing a sense of achievement when the goal is accomplished.


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