Our Rhythmix holiday camps feature various sessions including cheerleading, gymnastics and street dance

Our Rhythmix camps will improve your child’s fitness levels whilst helping them develop strength and agility, co-ordination and balance as well as posture, flexibility and masses of self confidence.

Our camps don’t just teach the relevant dance and gymnastics skills. They also help to improve interpersonal skills and encourage expression through the specially developed Rhythmix syllabus. These skills are skills for life and will have a far reaching effect in all areas of your child’s development.

School holidays can be tricky for parents with younger children. Many child care options tend to be piecemeal or difficult to access, and children tend to have a lot of energy to burn when their parents most need a break!

However, there is a great solution for busy working parents and for energetic children of all ages alike, thanks to Little Sports Coaching and the Rhythmix dance and school holiday gymnastics camp programme on offer.

Little Sports coaching specialises in sports, gymnastics and kid's street dance holiday camps in Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and beyond. If you are looking for gymnastics or street dance camps in Manchester, then Little Sports coaching offers a range of options.

The courses on offer are available for children of 4 to 12 years old and are split by age and ability. The Rhythmix dance and gymnastics classes are always hugely popular and mix gym with street dance and cheerleading, so that there is something for everyone. Whether your child can already dance very well or can barely string two steps together, he or she will find plenty to learn and will make some new friends whilst enjoying fun and confidence-boosting activities.

Each course runs according to our accredited syllabus, which is designed to teach valuable life skills, in addition to the dance moves themselves. Children develop their self-confidence, communication, interpersonal skills and much more. The emphasis really is on fun, participation and on making new friends. Our coaches are hugely experienced and knowledgeable in their field and we maintain a high coach-to-learner ratio so that each child has plenty of individual attention.

Our days are structured and run like the school day, with different class sessions from the first warm-up, through to skills and knowledge development and mini performances for parents at the end of the day. There is a supervised half hour lunch and two breaks for refreshments.

Children can win spot prizes throughout the week for all kinds of things, from exceptional development through to participation, team work and enthusiasm. This reflects our ethos of developing well-rounded children who look out for each other, as well as becoming confident movers and shakers! We also have theme days and parents are given plenty of notice about these.

We can offer wrap-around care options too for parents who are juggling work schedules and commutes. We understand the challenges faced by parents during the school holidays as many of us at Little Sports Coaching have families of our own.

What does a day look like?

Time Activity
9.30-10.00am Warm-up and fun games
10.00-11.00am Gymnastic Practice
11.00- 11.20am Gymnastic Performance
11.20am - 12.30pm Fun gymnastic based games
12.30-1.00pm Lunchtime
1.00-2.00pm Street Dance Choreography & Technical practice
2.00-2.20pm Final Break
2.20-3.20pm Peformance Practice
3.20-3.25pm Live performance for parents & guardians
3.25-3.30pm De-brief and wave-off to parents


Key Facts:

  • Split into age/ability groups
  • Children will make lots of new friends
  • Variety of awards up for grab each week 
  • All groups are led by fully qualified coaches
  • Age appropriate equipment
  • Children work within our specifically designed curriculum
  • Day runs like a school day with two 20 mins snack breaks and a 30 min lunch break
  • Crazy theme days throughout the week (notified on Mondays)
  • Please bring indoor and outdoor clothing
  • Please bring suitable sun protection, if required, e.g. sun hat and sun screen


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