5 to 12 Years old 

The Rhythmix street dance syllabus has been designed to teach the skills of street dance whilst developing other vital personal qualities, including building confidence, self-esteem, social interaction and friendship, communication, creativity and expression.


Key Facts:

  • Fully qualified coaches lead every session
  • 60 minute sessions
  • Weekly classes
  • Live performance each half term


All sessions will include a fun warm-up and skill based learining which leads in to performance choreography. Children will work within their ability level in a group environment.


Street dance is about working together to create something that is truly amazing. By pushing their limits, children will acquire a sense of self respect and confidence in their bodies that is hard to find through any other sport or activity. It’s all about helping them to fulfil their potential and become the best they can be.


Our Rhythmix Coaches have been hand-picked and specially trained to be positive role models and mentors, support and encourage, motivate and inspire, whilst providing a fun, safe atmosphere for your children to learn and thrive in. 


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