18 months to 3rd Birthday

(Parent participation required) 

Tiny Tots is a great way to introduce your little ones to the exciting world of football. Children are introduced to the very basics of football such as dribbling, kicking, running etc in a play based yet structured environment, using child-friendly football equipment. Children will have a ball each for the majority of the session and will work within their ability level in a group environment. You...the 'grown ups' will assist the coach during the session meaning you can take great pride knowing you have done even more to support your child’s early education.

Key Facts:

  • Fully qualified coaches lead every session
  • Each new starter receives a football kit
  • 40-minute sessions
  • Weekly classes
  • Parent participation is required

What you need to bring:

  • Great big smiles
  • Soft drink - preferably water
  • Both yourself and the children need comfortable clothing and footwear
  • We ask that children wear the Tots FC kits each session -be part of the team

How do we do it?

We are often asked 'how do you teach children that young how to play football?' The answer is simple we don't teach..we play!!

Repetition through fun based play is the most effective way of child development, not just physical but social and cognitive development too.

Our Tots FC coaches follow a specific scheme of work which has been designed by a team of highly qualified football coaches and child development specialists. Each session follows a theme and links in with the early years National Curriculum. Themes such as colour identification, exploration and numbers are used via fun football based story telling games. Large parts of the sessions encourage discipline and independance which inturn helps the children to develop essential skills such as balance and co-ordination

What will our coaches expect from the children?

Social, Emotional & Cognitive
  • Short attention span, erratic participation 
  • Needs assistance throughout session.
  • At times will be frustrated at lack of understanding of sessions.
  • Lacks awareness of others.
  • May struggle with balance and co-ordination.
  • Introduced to different types of movement (running, jumping etc).
  • Finds balancing difficult.
Football Specific
  • Capable of basic, one paced kicking.
  • Can maintain the stop position with support.
  • Frequently unable to dribble the ball with any kind of control
  • Quickly learns to enjoy scoring goals.

Our coaches are experts but we do not expect the children to be fully involved at first or at every session and so niether should you, we will work with you and your child to build confidence...dont forget....to a toddler this a big change, new environment, new people. It takes time to adapt and become comfortable!


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